Saturday, February 7, 2009

Short post

Let's make it short and sweet.. well maybe not so sweet..

"M" and I decided that we need to talk in person because we've been fighting so much lately. We figured it's the only way to get everything out in the open in hopes that we can eventually be nicer to each other. I want so badly to believe him when he says he wishes he could be around more for the baby, but those are only words.. no actions yet. It's a struggle for me to be nice to him everyday and not start a fight.. even though I could easily say something that would trigger one. And the reason for all these thoughts consuming in my mind is because this is my first night without my baby at home with me. He's gone for the night.. I hate working super early on Sunday mornings.. boo. I miss my baby..

I just want his words to be genuine.. that's all.

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