Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally a date!!

There is finally light at the end of the long, long tunnel. I went to the doctor today knowing it was my last appointment.. and they set my induction date! I gotta be at the hospital at 7pm on Sunday night to be induced. So I will be in labor all night long and probably most of Monday since according to the doctor, this could be a long process lol.. and as my child has proven, he's stubborn and wants to stay in the womb until the warm weather comes back. But we won't allow that.

Now there's a date set.. it's all finally setting in that I'm going to have this baby within 5 days! Here come the crazy emotions and I'm glad no one has to put up with me for the next 5 days unless they want to haha. I've been told to get as much sleep as I can on Sunday before I go in.. but we all know that's not going to happen. I will be way too anxious to sleep on the day I get induced knowing I'm going to be holding my baby within 24 hours.. hopefully!

Yayy!! Baby Aaden.. born Monday, December 15th, 2008.. <3>
{unless he doesn't come out until Tuesday.. but we're shooting for Monday lol}


saveyoursoul said...


ps congrats

Lindsay said...

You gotta change your pic bc you aren't preggers anymore!! hehe.

saveyoursoul said...

SO SO excited to come snuggle you two!